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JASA,Inc. Offers a 5 or 10 week program

Students enrolled in JASA?s Electrical Apprenticeship Program will receive practical instruction on today?s electrical systems ranging from basic household wiring to special circuits. This fundamental course is designed to provide a
thorough introduction to this career field.

Whether you are interested in completing projects around the house or have a sincere interest in pursuing an electrician career, JASA?s course is an excellent place to begin your studies. With the ability to study in your spare time, learning more about the work of an electrician has never been more convenient.

The Electrical Trade Today & Tomorrow

Safety First: Fire and Shock

The Electrician?s Best Friend?The Multi-meter

Practical Exercises You Can Do Today

A ?Parts List? for the Future
Residential Wiring

Information for Installations

Electrical Symbols & Outlets

Lighting and Small Appliance Circuits

Wiring Methods – Wire Tables & Conductor Size

Switch Controls


3 way and 4 way Switches

See The Vision

Join the ranks of our other graduates and gain the training and the tools of the trade to make yourself a valuable asset to the electrical community.


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