Financial Aid Options

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Nancy S. Chapman scholarship

This scholarship is available for prospective Trade School students that are in proven need of financial assistance to attend the school. Submit your application below and your application will be routed to the correct counselor. If approved by the board a student can receive up to 50% off the tuition rates for a trades program.

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Transparency with funding

We get students all the time who have financial aid challenges when it comes to securing their seats in one of the classes. It’s our donors that make it all happen. With our donations, we are able to pay outright and or subsidize the costs that it takes to take the first step to a brighter future.

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There are other options to the N.S.C. scholarship. These are a few:


Workforce Innovation & Opportunities Act. This agency operates heavily in the NOVA area and acts in concert with the CARES act.

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Opportunities alternatives and resources. This organization is a great resource for the structure of anyone in the arena of reentry.

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